The White Rabbit returns and is available now!

White Rabbit was first released as our 2013 Christmas sauce. Only 150 bottles of the original were made. The recipe has been tweaked and White Rabbit has finally taken its place in our core range of products.

Our 3 for £10 is a great gift idea!

Choose any three of our sauces for only £10! As if that wasn't already a great deal, your three sauces will arrive in a neat little gift box. Go to the Gift Set section of our Online Shop where you'll find a selection of great gift ideas.

Another 3 for £10 deal! Choose any three large jars and you'll receive them in a jute gift bag.

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If you would like to become a stockist, please get in touch through the contact us page.

About us

Tim and Susan Murphy came up with the idea for a hot sauce business in October 2008. Tim had spent fourteen years employed in the plastics industry. although his real passion was for growing winter flowering plants and he also ran a small nursery devoted to the study and research of the genus Helleborus, a family of spring flowering plants found across much of mainland Europe. In September 2008, the arrival of their son Harry meant that Tim had to decide whether to continue in the plastics industry or become self employed. The hellebores were never really a viable proposition as a business, so Tim decided to continue to grow plants, but a completely different kind to those he was used to. In January 2009 Tim and Susan sowed the first chilli seeds and thanks to a good crop they were able to begin trading in July 2009 as Cambridge Chilli Farm. Susan continued to work in a 'real' job whilst Tim looked after Harry and ran the business.

After four years of growing their own chillies, it became apparent that Tim and Susan didn't have enough time to do this and meet the increasing demand for their products, so they made the decision to source all their chillies elsewhere. In May 2013, Tim and Susan's business became 'The Cambridge Chilli Sauce Company'.

The business is very much a family affair. Tim makes all the products, works on product development and attends most of the events.

Susan helps with the administrative side of the business and you will see her manning the stall during busy times of the year, especially during the summer when chilli festivals are taking place and at Christmas events.

Harry is seven years old and likes to help load and unload the van. He also likes to help apply the labels to the bottles of hot sauce. Harry often puts in an appearance at the chilli festivals, so if you see him, be sure to say hello!



Tim Murphy



Susan Murphy

Jack of all trades


Harry Murphy

Seven year old heir to The Cambridge Chilli Sauce Company empire


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